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IAEG Secretary General

Faquan Wu

For more than 40 years, Prof. Faquan Wu has long been engaged in the theory and application research of engineering geology and rock mechanics. Prof. Faquan Wu established the statistical rock mechanics theory, putting forward the structural statistical theory and parameter model of fractured rock mass, statistical fracture mechanics constitutive model, statistical fracture mechanics strength criterion and failure probability theory, as well as the hydraulic model of intermittent fracture network rock mass. All the models provided theoretical basis on feasible mechanical analysis of fractured rock mass. And Prof. Faquan Wu systematically summarized the engineering geological working procedures of high and steep rock mass slopes, offering the explanations to the cause especially the evolution of deep cracks on the left bank of high and steep rock mass slope of Jinping I Hydropower Station, which is the one of the top double-curvature arch dams in the world. Prof. Faquan Wu also further completed a series of stability analysis and evaluation of high and steep rock mass slope of medium-sized hydropower stations and reservoirs in the Lancang river Xiaowan, Dadu river Waterfall gully, Monkey Rock, Jinsha river Jin’an Bridge and other reservoirs. Impressed by the theoretical achievements and application examples of statistical rock mechanics theory, the Office of the Three Gorges Construction Commission of the State Council entrusted Prof. Faquan Wu to take the lead of the planning of the high-cut rock mass slope protection project in the Three Gorges Reservoir area. In 1997, Prof. Faquan Wu and his team were awarded 2nd prize of Science & Technology, Hubei province, China. In 2009, Prof. Faquan Wu and his team were awarded the 2nd prize of Science & Technology, Chinese State Council.

In promoting the discipline development, Prof. Faquan Wu tries his best to establish and promote IAEG Science and Technology Award, International Research Program since 2011. Under his initiative and full preparation for years, since 2017, a biennial Shaoxing International Forum, jointed by IAEG and ISRM, full-service supported by Shaoxing University, was hosted in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, China. It is a brand new platform for IAEG and sister societies aiming to further grow influence on discipline development and engineer practice. In 2018, Prof. Faquan Wu proposed Shaoxing Announcement aiming at enhancing the communication and development of GeoTech Innovation globally.

In social reputation, Prof. Faquan Wu has been the president of IAEG China National Group since 2006, vice president of IAEG for Asia for 2007-2010 and Secretary General of IAEG for 2011-2014, 2015-2018 and 2019-2022 now. He has been devoting himself to promote the development of IAEG home and abroad for more than 14 years. Prof. Faquan Wu is the first IAEG member ever in history from China and Asia to serve the association as Secretary General. In 2020, Prof. Faquan Wu has been awarded the IAEG Hans Cloos Medal 2020 for his excellent contribution to the development of engineering geology.