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IGS Vice President

Edoardo Zannoni

Edoardo Zannoni is a registered Professional Engineer and Chartered Engineer with a Master Degree in Civil Engineering in 2008 from Italy. He is currently the Section Manager: Geotechnical for Knight Piesold Southern Africa and the elected Vice President of the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS). 

He is a Past President of GIGSA, the South Africa Chapter of the IGS.

He has experience in geotechnical and hydraulic engineering and he is a specialist in geosynthetic for soil reinforcements, basal reinforcements and ground improvements. He has gained a wide experience through projects in South Africa and other African countries including Mozambique, Egypt, Botswana, Namibia, DRC, Uganda and Kenya.

He is actively involved in the developing of geosynthetic and geotechnical standards in the South African Bureau of Standards and he is member of the ISSMGE TC 218: Reinforced fill structures.

Edoardo is actively involved in publications regarding geosynthetics throughout South African engineering journals as well as international conferences.