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From the President

My Vision

1. Facilitate interaction among the member societies, explore opportunities to promote their common interests and provide a unified response to common issues through effective collective actions that are more effective than individual responses of the members.

2. Enhance awareness and effectiveness of the FedIGS through the FedIGS website, FedIGS forums, JTCs’ conferences, FedIGS sessions adjunct with the congresses of the member societies, and other initiatives by injecting appropriate dynamism.

3. Enlarge the members of the FedIGS.

4. Enhance effectiveness of the FedIGS Board meeting.

5. Maintain the lightweight organization of FedIGS, with no costs for the member societies and no interference on their activities.

Enhance Awareness

of the FedIGS through

1. FedIGS website

2. JTCs’ conferences (ISLs, ICITGs)

3. Congresses of the member societies, e.g., FedIGS sessions, Keynote lectures from other member societies

4. FedIGS forums

5. Geo-Engineering Conference

Enhance Effectiveness

of the FedIGS through

1. No re-election of President in FedIGS

2. The Presidents would be elected following a system of rotation – that is, each time a different Society. In case the Society that should be chosen wants to disregard the right, then the next in the queue would have the right.